cut tari
Ex-vocalist of Peter Pan, the multiple award-winning band from Indonesia, Ariel his affair video leaked over the net. The video show Ariel's affair with Cut Tari, TV Presenter in one of Indonesian TV station.

The 8 minutes video already circulating in online forums and all over the internet. IT experts had their hands on the video to identify whether it's real or fake. The conclusion is shocking, it's indeed real. Metadata of the video shows the video was made at 2006, when Cut Tari was issued to be divorced from her husband.

The Ariel - Cut Tari video shocked many of their fans. Some of them are very disappointed after knowing that Ariel has affair with Cut Tari, who already married.

Both Ariel and Cut Tari can't be found to be asked for confirmation over the circulation of their leaked videos. The video recently been on Youtube, but predicted to be deleted soon as it contains prohibited content.

This is another shocking news about Ariel after his recent leaked video with TV Presenter Luna Maya in a hotel in Bali.