Dewi Cinta sexy

Sexy photos of Indonesian singer Dewi Cinta published in an adult magazine right in the Ramadhan month. This sexy girl admitted that she's already get used to such things, as she often asked to pose for a sexy photos.

"I already get used to sexy photos, so there's no problem for me, because personally, I like to be photographed in a sexy pose," Dewi Cinta said on Friday.

Even though she doesn't have problem with her circulating sexy photos, but the girl who was born in Solo City is regretting if her sexy photos must be published in a Ramadhan month.

"I don't have problem to be photographed like that. But honestly, I regret it have to be published in Ramadhan. I'm afraid people will think negatively of me," she said with an annoyed tone.

The singer of Main Hati revealed that she dare to pose for sexy photos because the payment is big. "Surely I was paid big. If not so, how come I want to pose like that," she said.

Dewi admitted that she has complaints from her family when they see her sexy photos in an adult magazine.

"Honestly, many of my families complain when they know I pose for sexy photos. But after I explained, they understand because I'm also sexy in my everyday appearance," she said.